CCTV Monitoring

C.C.T.V. monitoring is fast becoming an increasingly popular and reliable means of monitoring. As a surveillance system it is cost effective and plays a dual role of being both a visual management and security tool.

How it works:

• C.C.T.V. cameras protect your property by detecting intruders 24/7
• Any breach of the perimeter creates an alert which streams live video back to Central Monitoring Centres in real time.
• Controllers respond by issuing an audio warning that the incident is being monitored and recorded.
• Real time audio warnings are a proven deterrent in the fight against crime.
• On arrival, the Police and/or emergency services are assisted by the Controller in locating the intruders.

Benefits CCTV Monitoring can provide to your business:

• Detects intruders on breach of the perimeter before access is gained to the premises.
• Protects assets and prevents damages.
• Protects people in vulnerable situations.
• Monitors irregular activities (unauthorised entry).
• Protects key holders from injury.
• Reduces downtime and loss of revenue.
• Reduces the risk of data loss or disruption to your business.
• Prevents costly Human Resource issues.
• Monitors Health and Safety.
• Monitors critical activities such as opening and closing of businesses.
• Reduces insurance claims.
• Allows customers remote access over the internet whilst away 24/7.

Benefits C.C.T.V. Monitoring provides to your home:

• 24 hour protection for your family and your home.
• 24 hour monitoring of your home whilst away on holiday or with work.