CCTV Systems (Closed Circuit Television)

Sensec are certified by the NSAI for the design and installation of the latest CCTV digital systems to clients’ individual needs, for both indoor and outdoor use. The benefits of digital recording compared to analogue systems include:

  • Better recording and playback pictures
  • One can search records by date and time
  • No signal or quality loss on recording
  • Remote access over the internet
Businesses can use
CCTV Systems for:
Homeowners can use
CCTV for:
– Monitoring their stock rooms
– Monitoring their customers
– Monitoring their staff
– Monitoring all areas of the property
– Monitoring children
– Monitoring babysitters


Standard C.C.T.V. can be referred to as S.D. (standard definition), traditional, conventional, Digital or Analog/Analogue C.C.T.V., however all these terms are usually referring to the same C.C.T.V. technology. Although at this point in time Analog C.C.T.V. products are still cheaper than their HD/IP counterparts, in some situations a single HD/IP camera can be installed in the place of a number of standard definition C.C.T.V. cameras, so with this in mind, we always recommend looking at both options in detail before making a final decision on the system you wish to own.

Analog C.C.T.V. systems are not restricted in terms of the model or make of camera that can be installed onto the system. A standard Analog C.C.T.V. camera will be compatible with any Analogue D.V.R. allowing you to easily customise and upgrade your system. In contrast a HD/IP surveillance system is set up specifically to work with the network protocol it is designed for. This means different IP camera and NVR brands may not necessarily be compatible, however most of the HD/IP systems used by Sensec use ONVIF technology (Open Network Video Interface Forum) which leave all our systems flexible for the end user in terms of makes and models of C.C.T.V. cameras used.

This information is only designed as a guide and Sensec will always recommend a C.C.T.V. surveillance system that best suits your particular environment.